I.D. Eddy Current Probe Prices

For standard configuration probes .250 to 1.125 O.D.
Effective 1/01/08, all of our probes include these features:

Maximized coil diameter for excellent signal response
A 33 long heavy duty tubular shaft
A 4 or 5 pin Amphenol connector (Dependent on coil configuration)
A durable identification label which includes: probe diameter, probe length, operating frequency range, probe serial number

Delrin housing with stainless steel wear surfaces
-Differential Probe
-Cross-axis Probe
-Absolute Probe
-Combination Probe

All stainless steel probe head construction
Available for low operating frequency range only
-Differential Probe
-Cross-axis Probe
-Absolute Probe
-Combination Probe

Additional shaft lengths up to 100 long are available at an additional cost.

Flexible probes are custom made in accordance with quotations only.

Probe dimensions and coil configurations other than those listed above are also manufactured by quotation only.


-Coil Splitter
Adapts 5 pin Amphenol connectors (combo. Probe) to 2, 4 pin Amphenol connectors.
-Coil Discriminator
Facilities switching between Differential & Cross-axis coils on a single channel.

4 pin (Specify Length)  
5 pin (Specify Length)  
When ordering please have equipment / instrument information available.

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