Perfection Probes, Inc. has made the Chicago Land Area itís home since 1987. Since then we have been providing the Chicago area, and the World, the very best Eddy Current On Site Analysis available.

Paul Christensen the owner started polishing his craft at Petrochemical and Nuclear power plants in the late 70ís early 80ís. Working with ASME, ASNI codes he realized the importance and accuracy of the Differential Testing technique. Getting involved in the chiller industry introduced the Cross-Axis technique. †Integrated these techniques and procedures led to the development of the Combination Probe. This hybrid probe combined the sensitivity of Differential testing and the easy geometry interpretation affording the Cross-Axis coil arrangement. Perfection Probes was born.

Since that time Perfection Probes has specialized in the Chiller inspection industry. Providing their customers with uncompromised probes and inspection results. Many major chiller manufacturers utilize Perfection Probes, especially for the difficult projects.

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